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Frequently Asked Questions

Feedspace helps you collect, manage, and share audio, video, and text testimonials, reviews, etc. 

Creating video testimonials has become easier with Feedspace. All you have to do is: 

  • Create a form to collect testimonials
  • Share with users via a link, QR codes, or by directly sharing on social media
  • Then, all your users have to do is record their testimonials. That’s it!

Feedspace provides simple, hassle-free ways to collect testimonials

  • Users do not have to seek different platforms for different types of feedback. They can collect audio, video, and text feedback right here with Feedspace. 
  • Quick onboarding
  • Simple form creation
  • Easy feedback collection, management, and sharing

Using Feedspace is quite easy. There are only three steps involved

  • Create a form to start collecting feedback
  • Share the form with users to receive feedback
  • Share the feedback and reviews you receive on the website, social media, and other platforms. 

To receive useful feedback, it is crucial to ask the right questions. There are two types of questions we can ask; open-ended and close-ended. Open-ended questions leave room for interpretation and more subjective answers. In comparison, close-ended questions are specific questions that have objective answers. Businesses can decide which questions they want to ask depending on their requirements.

Businesses can collect and understand what value is created or issues faced by the customers and the customers can give, record, and share their experience/feedback on the product/service availed by the business. Through this collection of feedback, the business can drive their process to build better products/services for their customers and the customers can feel valued and glad to be associated with the business..
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