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24 February, 2023 Google Bard AI, The Next Big Contender

Advancements in the field of AI bring good news to many fields like healthcare, transport, customer support, etc.

30 December, 2022 Feedspace For AI Model Training

For all fields and sectors, AI is one of the promising leaps in the future. This is why creating top-notch AI models is the priority. Here is what is at the crux of any AI model training:

21 July, 2021 How to build Rapid Feedback Mechanism to iterate your software product at fast pace?

Product management cycle is a way of managing the development of your products. Before you even start developing a product, you need to have some idea of what you want it to do and how it will do it.

25 April, 2020 Mastering the Art of Customer Feedback

Customer feedback is the single most valuable resource you can control. It is something you should continually seek out as a leader in your field and in your personal life.

21 July, 2021 Customer Feedback: Must have or Nice to have?

Customer feedback is the information customers give businesses about their product quality and experience.

12 July, 2021 Micro Feedback is the New Face of Customer Surveys

Anybody who has ever worked for a product or service knows how crucial customer feedback is. They also know how difficult it is. Usually, customers are reluctant to fill out lengthy feedback forms.

25 April, 2020 What NOT to ask while taking user Feedback?

When you take user feedback, there are three things you shouldn't do. Ask users to rate on a 1-10 scale of how optimistic they are about the outcome.

05 July, 2022 What is a customer feedback management system

In today’s digital era, user feedback has become integral to a business. Business owners are trying to use more and more feedback to stay on top of customer requirements.

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