How to build Rapid Feedback Mechanism to iterate your software product at fast pace?

How to build Rapid Feedback Mechanism to iterate your software product at fast pace?

Product management cycle is a way of managing the development of your products. Before you even start developing a product, you need to have some idea of what you want it to do and how it will do it. This is known as feature prototyping. During this phase you get very specific about what you want and collect feedback from your potential customers. As you progress through each of the steps, you will build a better understanding of software product. If you're at least exploring the possibility of starting your own software company and have an idea for something (anything!), try implementing a feedback mechanism that allows clients to give you feedback on your software on a fairly regular basis. It could be something simple like sending an e-mail notification when someone buys your product or uses your software for the first time.

Slowly turn your ideas into products and measure their success. Build a simple system for collecting feedback from remote workers about how their work is going. You will likely need to build a few prototypes before you get the feedback you need. Then test whether your changes increase the quality of a final product or reduce costs.

The product management (PMO) world has been in constant change for the last ten years. The pace of change can be dizzying, with new products being built every week. How can you keep up? The answer isn't always obvious, especially if you are new to PMO. In these challenging times, the Lean Six Sigma product management methodology can help you hit the ground running by providing continuous feedback throughout the product development cycle. This approach was developed by Shannon Leigh Scott, and originally used at Facebook.

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  • A proven framework developed by Shannon Leigh Scott can help you improve the speed of your product development by giving you continuous feedback. This approach was originally used at Facebook and has been translated into three methodologies.
  • Shannon Leigh Scott, author of Lean Six Sigma for Product Managers will show you how to get continuous feedback throughout the product development cycle and ensure you build products that delight your customers.
  • Lean Six Sigma is a methodology for creating products, which provides continuous feedback throughout the development cycle. It provides a framework to reduce risk and ensure that your product is successful when it launches.
  • Product management is a fast-paced, exciting role with the opportunity to make a huge impact in the company. Keeping up with the tremendous pace of change that is occurring within this industry can be daunting. Lean Six Sigma product management can help you achieve your goals by helping you find gains in efficiency and development time and ultimately achieving faster results.
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