A Comprehensive Guide on Video Testimonials
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A Comprehensive Guide on Video Testimonials

Why video testimonials

What is a video testimonial?
A video testimonial is a video record of a customer’s positive experience with a business. It highlights the business’s strengths and ability to provide value to users. These testimonials are success stories for your business narrated by the users. It is impactful social proof that tells your audience you can and have provided value.

‘The best platform’, ‘the number one solution’, ‘the only product you’ll ever need’..... And so on. We hear these things daily from businesses. But hearing that doesn’t cut it anymore. The consumers want more. They want to be able to trust a business. They want to see proof. Basically, they want video testimonials.

You might ask, ‘Why not just testimonials?’ Because our users know very well how easy it has become to fake a written testimonial. So, they need more authenticity. They want to see and hear a person share their story. In fact, 79% of people check out video testimonials to find out more about a business.

Therefore, today we present to you a guide that will help you gain more customers with video testimonials.

What is the purpose of a video testimonial?

For any business, the ultimate goal is to grow. So, any activity, including collecting a video testimonial, should lead to bringing in more business. Video testimonials brim with potential. If we utilize them well, they can serve multiple purposes.

Which format marketer should invest in?

Next-level marketing

Video testimonials bring a level of authenticity and personalization to any marketing strategy. Only writing brand content is not enough. It has to be believable.

So, when a business backs what it says with its clients’ experience, it is easier to trust. Moreover, more than 50% of people want to see more video content.

Besides, people are more engrossed with video content on the internet than written. So, to make a campaign memorable, we need video testimonials.


There’s many businesses offering the same things at once. Therefore users are used to seeing the same things every day. So, if businesses opt for ordinary strategies, they will be forgotten easily.

And, video testimonials save you from disappearing in the crowd. People will interact with a business only if they resonate with it. And when they see a consumer share similar pain points and how you helped, they are going to relate to it.


We cannot stress enough on this point. Users are completely aware of how easy it is to get fake text reviews. They are not impressed or convinced by only spectacular text reviews. Even if a business has genuine good reviews people are hesitant to trust.

But it's a different story for customer video testimonials. Here your audience can see who is speaking. Therefore, it is easier to believe that it is authentic feedback.

Video testimonials are heaps more powerful than written testimonials. That’s because they give your audience a chance to feel a connection with your business.

The best testimonial video examples satisfy all the above purposes for you and more. Impactful video testimonials are an asset that can help your business in various ways for a long time. It is a small investment with long-lasting returns. So, we need to figure out how to get good testimonials.

How to do a good video testimonial?

Now that we have established the importance of video testimonials, let’s jump into how to take action. Here is how you can get an impactful video testimonial.

Keep it real

The content speaks louder than beautification. If your testimonial isn’t convincing or looks fabricated, no amount of editing can save it. We want our testimonial to be genuine so that people can relate to it.

Hence, don’t try to overcomplicate it. Keep it as natural as possible. Let your customers speak what and how they want. That way, you can get an honest and authentic testimonial.

Just ensure your users shoot testimonials with clear voice and picture. Once you get the core content right, you can try and elevate it with editing.

Make it easy for your clients

Video testimonials are a big ask. If a user is ready to provide one, the last thing you want to do is make it difficult for them. You want to keep the process simple for your clients. Don’t leave the heavy lifting for them.

Give them a proper place to record, some guidelines to get them started, etc. There are tools like Feedspace available you can leverage.

You can create a form to get a video testimonial. There, you can also mention some guidelines to make it easier for them to record. Moreover, you can also mention the questions you would like them to answer.

This way, you can keep the communication structured, avoid confusion, and reduce the time for recording.

Ask the right questions

The questions that you ask will heavily impact how useful the testimonial is. Ask specific questions to get proper answers. For example, questions like, ‘How did the business help you?’, ‘What did you like the most about your business?’, will get better results.

These questions are also good for your users. It will give them a direction to think and make recording easier for them. Video testimonials like these will also be valuable content for marketing campaigns. Moreover, it will help your target audience understand your business more.

Get the timing right

You do not want to ask a new user for their video testimonial. You need to build a connection with them first. Solve some of their issues first before you ask for a testimonial.

Maintain communication with your users. This way, they won’t be hesitant to record for a stranger. But, if you have built a relationship with your users, they will be more willing to give you a testimonial.

Avoid incentives

Providing incentives will no doubt increase the number of testimonials. However, the issue is it can hamper the quality. With incentives, the videos might have biases and trumped-up compliments.

At the same time, without incentives whatever video testimonials you receive will be and appear more genuine. They will have a higher chance of converting doubtful audiences into users.

Promote video testimonials on different channels

How do you promote a video testimonial?

Once you have quality testimonials, you have to up your promotion game.

Social media channels

Find the social media channels your ideal customers are frequenting. Ramp up your strategies for those platforms. Add your video testimonials, share your experience, etc. This creates the curiosity to know more about the business and connect with it.


Case studies are an important tool that can help a business. It can help you establish your expertise in the field. It is also the content that your potential users can refer to for a deeper understanding of your business.

Now, when you add video testimonials, it upgrades the case studies. Your users can support what you are saying by sharing their side of the story.

Wall of Love

A Wall of Love is where you can display a collection of your testimonials in one space. This collection becomes a powerful advocate for you. So, wherever you want to create an impact on your audience you can deploy your Wall of Love.

You can add these Walls of Love on your website, in your portfolio, in pitches, etc. It is like an army of users is speaking for you. And wherever you add it, it is going to enhance the value of it. For example, your portfolio becomes more effective with a Wall of Love because potential clients can see the proof right there and then.

Final words

Video testimonials are becoming non-negotiable these days. Users need credible and trustworthy businesses. Hence, businesses should have video testimonials in their toolbox.

As consumers are prioritizing personalization and authenticity, businesses need video testimonials. However, the entire process can become tough and not get the best results without proper management and ways for promotion.

That’s where Feedspace comes in. It helps you create a uniform process for collecting and managing video testimonials. Not only that, it gives you simple and effective ways to promote your video testimonials. This way, you can utilize it well to boost your revenue. But don’t believe it just because we told you. Why don’t you sign up and experience it for yourself?

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