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How to Import and Embed Trustpilot Reviews to Your Website

Embed Trustpilot Reviews to Your Website

Is Trustpilot to be trusted?
Trustpilot provides consumers with a platform to post and view reviews for businesses. With the rise in fake text reviews, it is possible for businesses to get fake positive Trustpilot reviews. While Trustpilot has implemented fraud detection software that checks every review and gives consumers and businesses the power to flag reviews, we cannot be 100% sure that each review on the platform is genuine.


The customer is the king. Not anymore. The customer is an analyst. The customer is a researcher. The customer is a critic. They do not purchase or interact with a business without vetting it. And customer reviews are a major factor that they consider. So, platforms like Trustpilot are crucial for them. So, today we are going to see how to use Trustpilot reviews to grow a business.

What is Trustpilot?

Trustpilot is a platform that enables customers who bought a product or service to leave reviews online. Customers can leave comments and star ratings for businesses they interact with. Moreover, these online ratings are helpful for potential customers to evaluate brand reputation.

Importance of Trustpilot reviews

Consumers rate more than 626000 websites on Trustpilot, out of which 31k+ businesses opt for Trustpilot’s paid services. Trustpilot is important for businesses and consumers.

For businesses

Many businesses want a platform where they can showcase themselves. They want visibility to get more customers. So, Trustpilot gives them that platform. A Trustpilot business has a chance to reach a large audience and gain customer feedback.

For consumers

One of the common concerns for consumers is deciding if a business is trustworthy. Trustpilot helps them see what the previous customers experienced. It helps them understand more about a business from people who actually interacted with it. This makes decision-making easy for potential customers. Furthermore, consumers can also compare reviews of similar companies to make a choice suited to them.

Benefits of adding Trustpilot reviews to my website

An informative and trustworthy website is crucial to increase the customer base. That is because potential customers assess your business through your website. Thus, Trustpilot reviews become a strategic addition to your site.

Social proof

Customer reviews are social proof for your potential customers. People hesitate to trust new businesses. But when they see others have trusted this business before, it is easier for new people to trust.

Trustpilot reviews are this social proof that will build trust for your business website. Thus, it increases the chances of new customers making a purchase.

Create a Wall of Love with your reviews to grab your visitors’ attention.

Embed Trustpilot reviews to your website

Increase conversions

Reviews hold the power to influence customers’ buying decisions. A consumer’s buying journey consists of 3 basic stages:

  • Awareness
  • Consideration
  • Decision

When someone is already on your website, they know about your business. Hence, they are now on stage two- consideration. Here they are researching to find a solution to their problem. That means they are comparing your business with other similar ventures. They are deliberating if you fulfill their needs.

We want consumers to pick us. That’s where adding Trustpilot reviews can tip the scales for us. Reviews highlight the experiences of previous customers. This motivates the potential customer to convert into a customer.

Build authority

As a business, the goal is to become the go-to in your field for customers. Therefore it is important to showcase your expertise in your industry. But, what is more effective? Saying, ‘Hey, I am an expert!’ OR your customers saying, ‘Hey, they are an expert!’

And, you can highlight your customers’ voices with Trustpilot reviews. They are more convincing and resonate better with your audience.

How do I get Trustpilot reviews on my website?

You can get Trustpilot reviews on your website in two ways. The first is to embed the reviews directly from Trustpilot. And the second one? We’ll get to that in a moment.

How to embed Trustpilot reviews?

A Trustpilot widget is called 'TrustBox’. The different widgets have collections of various types of reviews. Our goal is to add these Trustpilot widgets to our website.

  • Trustpilot has widgets called as ‘TrustBoxes.’ The different widgets have collections of various types of reviews. Our goal is to add these widgets to our website.
  • Then, choose the ‘Website widgets’ option.
  • The types of widgets include most recent, favorites, etc. You can either choose from these widgets or customize yourself. Once you customize your widgets, time to get it on your website.
  • Now to get the Trustpilot-widget code, click on ‘Get Code’.
  • You will receive instructions that you can send to yourself or if you have a developer.
  • There are two sets of HTML codes. The first one, you have to add to the head section of the code.
  • The second set of code, you add to the body section of your website’s HTML code.

Besides the above code, there are some other ways too. There is a WordPress Integration for you if you have a WordPress website. Or, you can use Google Tag Manager to add the widget as a ‘custom script.’

As promised, let’s discuss the second one. We think this might be more practical, and easier. Not to mention, saves a lot of time!

How to import Trustpilot reviews?

Businesses Trustpilot are not only present on this one platform. Most businesses have reviews scattered all over the internet like on Google, Product Hunt, Amazon, etc.

And reviews from all these platforms are crucial for businesses. Showcasing reviews from all these platforms on your website has a bigger impact. It also enables visitors to your website to analyze a large batch of customer experience data.

But, do you have to embed reviews from all these sites separately? Not with Feedspace in the picture.

Import Trustpilot reviews

Import and embed Trustpilot reviews with Feedspace

  • To import reviews, just click on the ‘Import Social Feeds’ button. Then, choose your platform. Add details like business name or URL wherever needed.
  • Then all you have to do is pick the reviews you want to display. That’s it!
  • Reviews from Trustpilot and other platforms will now be on Feedspace.
  • Now, you can create a Wall of Love with reviews from all the platforms, plus the ones you collect on Feedspace as well.
  • Add this Wall of Love to your website by adding a simple piece of code.
  • You can also share these Walls of Love on social media, and other channels via a link.
  • Create different Walls of Love for different specific types of reviews!

Feedspace allows businesses to gather your reviews from all over the internet on one platform. This makes leveraging these reviews to build a trustworthy business and boost conversions easy. Check it out now!

Is Trustpilot legit?

Consumers are not naive today. They are aware that it is easy to get fake reviews. So, it is natural to wonder if people buy Trustpilot reviews too. The answer is- it is not completely avoidable. However, Trustpilot has taken measures to curb fake reviews.

  • Trustpilot’s Transparency Report of 2020 states that they removed over 2.2 million fake reviews.
  • An automated fraud detection software reviews each review. And whenever the software finds fraudulent reviews, they take it down. Moreover, they also notify the reviewer.
  • Apart from that, businesses and customers can flag reviews that violate Trustpilot guidelines. The Core Integrity Team checks each flagged review.

Although Trustpilot counters fake reviews with these methods, our customers may not be convinced. It is difficult to trust even with these measures. But there is something you can do about it.

How to make your business trustworthy?

Text reviews are getting tough to trust every day. So, it may be time to bring in more authentic and trustworthy types of reviews. Video and Audio.

It is easier to trust a business when you can hear and see their customers. With text reviews, we do not know who wrote these, was there even an actual person writing them? But with videos, you can see exactly who is talking. And with audio, you can hear someone talk. It is easier to form a connection and relate to what they are saying.

These testimonials can bring more conversions as they make the business more credible. Fortunately, you do not have to look for multiple tools to collect audio and video reviews. You can experience it right here.

These tools can be the Trustpilot alternatives you can provide your audience. Now, they have a variety of reviews to assess and be more confident interacting with a new business.

Final Words

Trustpilot is a wonderful platform for businesses to spread awareness and reach out to customers. These reviews are helpful for businesses to increase their customer base. However, only collecting reviews will not get you the maximum benefits.

You have to know how to use these reviews to their full potential. And not just Trustpilot reviews, but reviews from other platforms as well. Feedspace provides a space to gather all your reviews in one place for better management and effective sharing. Also, you don’t have to go through it alone. You can get in touch with us and we’ll take it from there!

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