How to Use Google Reviews Effectively in 2024

How to Use Google Reviews Effectively in 2024?

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What do you do whenever you are about to purchase something? Well, 92% of people check out reviews online before purchasing anything. Furthermore, more than 60% of customers say they read Google reviews before making a purchase online.
Clearly, Google reviews heavily impact buying decisions. Businesses with higher ratings are more trustworthy for the consumers. And the more trustworthy the brand, the more willing are people to buy from them.
These reviews are a powerful marketing tool powerful free marketing tool that can help businesses increase their customer base. But only having a tool is not enough. It is crucial to know how to leverage the tool to get what you want. Today, we will see just that.
Let’s find out how you can make effective use of Google reviews to grow your business.

What are Google reviews?

Google customer reviews is a service by Google that enables businesses to collect customer feedback. Moreover, the seller rating and number of reviews for any business on Google are displayed based on these reviews.
Let’s talk more about why Google reviews matter.
Importance of Google Reviews

Importance of Google reviews

Before you invest your time and effort in Google reviews, consider the following:

Social proof

Reviews are word-of-mouth in the digital world. And that is the most effective marketing strategy. You don’t have to convince doubtful customers that you are a good fit for them. Instead, your customers can do that for you.
Reading about customers’ experiences makes people trust your business. Furthermore, it helps them know your business better and make informed decisions. If customers can see that people before them had a positive experience, they are more inclined to buy.

Awesome customer experience

An elevated customer experience is non-negotiable to have recurring customers. Acquiring new customers doesn’t matter if a business can’t retain them. Ensuring a smooth customer experience increases the chances of a customer returning. Collecting feedback from customers is a necessary part of customer retention.
Asking your customers for their experience and improvements shows that you value them. It increases your retention. Moreover, the way you handle your Google reviews leaves a big impression on potential customers.
Asking your customers for their experience and improvements shows that you value them. It increases your retention. Moreover, the way you handle your Google reviews leaves a big impression on potential customers.

Product improvement

In the end, it is all about customers. We need to provide customers with a value-adding product to have a growing business. Hence, asking for and implementing feedback is a sure-fire way to create a customer-centric business.

Google reviews influence marketing channels

Both the quantity and quality of your Google reviews directly affect your website’s ranking in search results. This applies to your local “Map Pack” listings and your site’s overall position in organic search results.

More leads

Google reviews help generate more leads by building trust and credibility with potential customers. Also, positive reviews act as social proof, reassuring prospects about the quality of your products or services and encouraging them to engage with your business.
Additionally, higher review ratings can improve your visibility in Google search results, making it more likely for people to discover your business when searching for related products or services, thus driving more leads to your website or storefront.
Now, if you already get Google reviews, that’s great (you can skip the next section). But if you are unsure about how to start, we have a simple guide for you.

How to get Google reviews

The below points will simplify your process of collecting Google reviews.
Step 1: You must have a Google Merchant Account to get Google reviews.
Step 2: Verify your business profile. You can still receive reviews if your profile is not verified. However, you cannot respond to customer reviews. Also, your business shows up on Google Maps and other platforms, if you have a verified business profile.
Step 3: Share a link to get reviews. You can share this link in emails, chats, receipts, etc. You can find your link by selecting ‘Ask for reviews’ or by selecting ‘Get more reviews’ on Google Maps.
Step 4: Respond to your reviews, positive and negative. This shows your current and potential customers that you value their opinions. It encourages more people to express their views on your business.
That was all we needed to know about collecting Google reviews. But that is just a job half done.

What to do after you have Google reviews?

“My reviews are on Google, but what’s next?” Simply having reviews is wasted potential. With proper strategies, reviews can become your top asset for increasing revenue. However, there are some challenges businesses can face while utilizing reviews.
My reviews are on Google and other platforms, but I’m still not growing
  • Businesses have reviews on different platforms like Google, Trustpilot, Facebook, and more. So, with reviews all over the internet, managing and leveraging them is an issue. 
  • Many platforms have options to embed reviews on a business’s website. However, adding reviews from various platforms separately makes for a cluttered and confusing website. 
  • Many businesses struggle with getting more reviews. And when even these reviews are on multiple platforms, it is difficult to create an impact on any of them. 
So, even though you do have reviews, it doesn’t bring you much. We are not just digging up issues, we have solutions.

Feedspace- for Google reviews and more

don’t need multiple solutions- just one. So, what will Feedspace do? Feedspace imports reviews in one place. This means, your testimonials and reviews from different platforms become reviews and testimonials on one platform. Here’s how you can use it to your benefit.
Import Google Reviews

Import important reviews

While all reviews are valuable, some can help you drive more conversions. Now, you can get all such reviews from multiple platforms on one platform. Here, you can mark them as your favorites and filter them out from the rest.
You can use these reviews in case studies, social media posts, Walls of Love, etc. Content is king. And you can maximize the utility of user-generated content by strategically using reviews you receive.

Create a collection of testimonials

With Feedspace’s Wall of Love feature, you can create a collection of reviews. Now you can embed Google reviews along with others in one frame on your website.
Create a Wall of Love from Google Reviews
You can create multiple Walls of Love for different purposes. For example, you can create collections for specific features and add them to specific feature pages. That means, your visitors can see what users are experiencing for their pain points.
Businesses can also include these collections of testimonials in investor pitches and more. Moreover, freelancers, independent contractors, etc. can use these collections in their portfolios.

Share multiple reviews at once

Even with limited reviews, you can create an impact. You can club them together and share them on multiple platforms with Feedspace. Additionally, it can help you increase engagement on social media and get more conversions on your website.

How to import Google reviews to Feedspace

Feedspace enables businesses to collect reviews from platforms like Google, Trustpilot, Facebook, etc.
Here’s how:
  • Step 1: Click on the ‘Import Social Feeds’ option
  • Step 2: Select Google and add your business name
  • Step 3: Add the Google reviews you want to import or ‘Select All’ if you want to import all reviews. 
Now that your Google reviews are on Feedspace, you can add them to a Wall of Love.
  • Step 1: Select the Promote option
  • Step 2: Create a new Wall of Love or choose an existing one
  • Step 3: For a new Wall of Love, add details like title, subtitle, etc. 
  • Step 4: Now, select the reviews you want to display or choose from your favorites.  
  • Step 5: Share the Wall of Love on social media, website, and other platforms. 
Check out a detailed tutorial for Wall of Love!

In conclusion

Reviews from your customers help you build your credibility and drive conversions. Today, businesses have to find a balance between quality and quantity of reviews. If customers find fake reviews they will likely never purchase from the business.  Therefore, we must increase the number of quality reviews. Therefore, having proper feedback systems in place for continuous feedback is crucial.
The two challenges with Google reviews, or any other platform reviews, are;
  • Getting more reviews 
  • Utilizing collected reviews
You can increase the number of Google reviews with strategies like sending emails, adding a CTA on the website, etc.
Moreover, businesses need a platform to bring all reviews together for easy data sharing and to create more impact on their audience. Feedspace brings solutions like:
  • Importing reviews, 
  • Creating a Wall of Love, 
  • Embedding reviews on the website etc. 
Businesses can use these features to strategically use their reviews.
Moreover, businesses can also increase user-generated content with Feedspace. They can collect text, video, and audio testimonials and more. This helps businesses stand out by increasing authenticity and credibility.
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