How to Use Video Testimonials in Marketing

How to Use Video Testimonials in Marketing

How to Use Video Testimonials in Marketing
How to Use Video Testimonials in Marketing

How to promote video testimonials
Video testimonials are effective tools for promoting a business. You can share testimonials on different social media channels to promote your business. You can create a Wall of Love, a collection of video testimonials, and share them. You can also include them in case studies and other marketing content to add credibility and authenticity.


Let’s state some obvious but crucial facts to begin with. Businesses want to increase their revenue. Revenue increases when a business gets new customers. Businesses have to market their product to get more users. And video testimonials are an effective marketing strategy.

Testimonials marketing

The last statement may not be as obvious as previous ones. But you know what, it should be. Why? Because 77% of the people purchase a product because of video testimonials.

Today people have many options. So, you need powerful content to convince them to stay with you. And what could be more effective than your users going on camera to vouch for you?

So, let us see why you can no longer keep video testimonials out of your marketing strategies.

Use Video testimonials in marketing

Benefits of using video testimonials in marketing

Video testimonials are not a new concept. Yet businesses are yet to utilize their full potential. These benefits are difficult to ignore.

Build credibility

How many times do you believe when a business says they have the best, the fastest, the smoothest, or the number one product?

When a business tells you they are the best at something, your first thought is, “Okay, what’s the proof?” 79% of the people are highly influenced by user-generated content. While only 12% are influenced by brand-generated content.

User video testimonials make a business more credible. Customers are more interested in knowing what the current users are experiencing. So, they want to hear them speak rather than listen to the big words brands use for themselves.

Google fake reviews


In 2021, 2.7 million online fake reviews were detected and removed out of which 46% were 5-star reviews. Most users are aware of businesses acquiring fake reviews. 72% of consumers believe that fake reviews have become the norm. Many people buy reviews in bulk, for very cheap, and parade them around.

Even if a business doesn’t buy their reviews, their users will wonder if they are fake. But, video testimonials bring a level of authenticity to your business and marketing strategies.

They are tough to fake and easy to relate with for your audience. Building a personal connection with your audience becomes when they can hear and see actual customers. This makes your business more trustworthy and increases conversions.

High engagement rates

Better engagement is one of the top goals of any marketing campaign. And visual information is more catchy and unforgettable than text.

Hence, marketing campaigns with videos, especially from users, will be more engaging than long droning texts written by the brand.

Cost-effective marketing strategy

Not every business wants to, or can, spend a fortune on marketing campaigns. For example, influencer marketing, paid advertising, etc. can all become very costly for the company. At the same time, video testimonials cost you way less and still create impact.

Effectively using your video testimonials

users trusting you with video testimonials is a big deal. So, it is a huge waste if we are not able to utilize them well.

Share on social media

Social media is one of the best platforms to connect with your target audience. Find the channels your potential customers are frequenting. Now, share the testimonials on those channels.

Sharing video content gets more engagement on social media. Moreover, it will make your audience want to learn more about your brand. When users share their pain points, your audience can relate to them. It makes accepting the solution you provide easier.

Create case studies

Are you ever interested in listening to a company talk about how excellent their features are? Or do you prefer to see what results these features can bring?

Results are more useful to your audience than finding out more about you. So, we want to share how we can help by highlighting the results. Case studies help you do that. And video testimonials provide undeniable proof of your case study.


Organic strategies like blogs give long-lasting results. But the challenge here is to provide quality, authenticity, and fresh information. There are always other people who are doing or have already done what you want to do. And to be able to rank well on the search engines, you need to provide quality and expert opinions.

Have you checked out Google’s new update? It reinforces that quality content will rank well. It is crucial to establish yourself as an expert in your field. And what better way to do that than by showing testimonials as proof?

Wall of Love

Embed wall of love on your website with your customers testimonials

Wall of Love is a collection of your best reviews and testimonials. You can make a collection of your video testimonials and promote it to instill trust in your audience to become your users.

Feedspace’s Wall of Love feature enables users to create a collection of the reviews and testimonials that they receive.

Businesses can share these Walls of Love on their website, social media, and other platforms. This will increase their engagement and trust in the business. And that sets the perfect foundation for high conversions.

How do I get video testimonials?

There is a hard way and an easy way. The hard way includes more than double efforts while collecting video testimonials, wasting time trying to sort through testimonials, etc.

The easy way, or the Feedspace way, includes:

  • Creating a custom form with a message, title, etc. that makes video collection simple. You do not have to type the same messages to users all the time. Instead, you can just share the link to this form with each user. You can also get the QR code for the forms which users can scan to record a video testimonial.
  • Separate crucial reviews and video testimonials by marking them favorites. You can also use the Wall of Love feature to create collections of reviews you want to club together. This way, whenever you want to promote a specific feature or use case, you can use that collection.
  • Share on different social platforms with just a link or by clicking on icons for awesome popular social channels.

Final words

Marketing campaigns cannot be the same for everybody. Different things can work for different businesses. One thing common for everybody is that: they have users and to grow they need more users.

That means user opinions are relevant in every niche. So, no matter what, video testimonials are a necessity to grow a business.

Video testimonials are powerful marketing assets. They can influence users’ buying decisions and their opinion of the business. Getting platforms like Feedspace can help you collect them easily and make the best of them with effective ways of promotion.

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