What is a Customer Feedback Management System
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What is a customer feedback management system


Introduction to Customer Feedback Management System

Staying on top of customer requirements calls for user feedback tools. And utilizing these tools requires a comprehensive understanding of the customer feedback management system.

  1. What is a Customer Feedback Management System (CFMS)?
  2. Why do you Need a Customer Feedback Tool?
  3. Relationship between Customer Feedback Management and Customer Experience
  4. Benefits of Customer Feedback Management System
  5. How do Customer Feedback Management Systems Operate?
  6. Pitfalls of Using Customer Feedback Management System
  7. Who Uses Customer Feedback Management Systems?
  8. How much Will a Customer Feedback Tool Cost Me?
  9. Conclusion
  10. FAQ

What is a Customer Feedback Management System (CFMS)?

A CFMS refers to gathering, collecting, and using customer feedback. The aim is to improve consumer experience and grow. In simpler words, it means using effective ways to gather and use the user’s experience to your product.

This way, businesses can involve customers and their requirements in the development process. Companies can systematically collect suggestions, complaints, and compliments and incorporate them into the product. When the goal is to create a product that your customers would like, a CFMS enables you to achieve it.

Why do you Need a Customer Feedback Tool?

It doesn’t matter what kind of product or service you offer; the CFM system helps you understand your customer base. A user feedback tool needs to be a core part of your digital strategy, and here’s why we think so:

  • It helps you make informed business decisions. Customer feedback gives you insight into customer requirements. You can use it to rank your tasks accordingly.
  • It helps you identify what is irking your consumers. It will also tell you what could be the possible reasons they might abandon your product. So, you can work on the mistakes before they leave and create a loyal customer base.
  • There are two ways in which feedback can help you. First, customers tell you what is not working out for them. Secondly, you find something that is not working. After that, you try to find out the reason behind it using your user’s insights.
  • It also helps you in budgeting! That’s right. When you know the customer’s pain points, you can use your resources in a better way.
  • It also increases user engagement with your brand. Collecting consumer feedback increases engagement. Moreover, they trust the brand more when they feel like their complaints are being heard.
  • When you have a new product or a feature, you can ask your users to give their reviews on it. And then, the customer feedback management tool will help you analyze the feedback. It will let you know what works and what doesn’t.

Why do you Need a Customer Feedback Tool?

A CFMS directly impacts your customer service and satisfaction levels. A user feedback management system helps you gather, organize, and analyze feedback.


Consumers often abandon a product when they can’t voice their concerns. They face disappointment if there isn’t an accessible platform to convey their complaints.


With properly organized data, the developing team and quickly make the necessary changes. When customers feel heard, they trust the business. They stick with the product when companies address their concerns and work on them. And along with that, the product quality also increases.


With various types of feedback, you can understand if there are any gaps in your customer service and work on them. Your users will tell you how they want you to serve them. They will also tell you what will improve their satisfaction levels. But only if you listen and keep that information!

Benefits of Customer Feedback Management System

Customer feedback management helps you in taking business decisions in the right direction.

First, let us see how it benefits a business:

  • You can view all the negative feedback and positive feedback separately. The negative feedback suggests where you can make changes to the product. And the positive feedback acts as a reference for potential users.
  • It gives you an insight into what your customers want. You can incorporate that into the product development roadmap.
  • Taking your user suggestions into account helps enhance the customer experience. It also boosts brand loyalty.

A CFMS is not just for businesses; it is useful for customers too. Here’s how:

  • Consumers can convey if they find something that needs improvement without hassles.
  • Potential users can view the feedback provided by previous users before buying.
  • Customers can find trustworthy brands by seeing if they value customer reviews.

How do Customer Feedback Management Systems Operate?

A customer feedback tool needs to Collect users’ opinions and organize them in one place. Once it does that, taking action as per the feedback remains. Here is how it works:


  • First, businesses can integrate CFMS with their products. They can also integrate all the platforms on which the business is active. A good tool will have an easy and transparent onboarding process.
  • Once businesses integrate the feedback system, users can provide their reviews.
  • Businesses can then review the feedback in real-time on one dashboard from all the platforms.
  • Now comes the crucial part. Analyzing the feedback. After that, businesses can incorporate it into the product development roadmap.
  • Businesses can customize a CFMS per their specific needs. They can add questions related to their product. They can decide where exactly they want to integrate it as well.

Pitfalls of Using Customer Feedback Management System

A product can be both helpful and disadvantageous. It depends on how you use it. The same goes for a customer feedback tool as well.


Suppose a business asks the wrong questions or integrates feedback in the wrong places. Now, the data might not be useful for taking any fruitful actions. It will also waste a lot of time and effort. Businesses can avoid this by working on the management strategy before collecting data.


Consumer reviews and opinions are a reference for businesses. But, businesses will make unnecessary changes without finding the root cause. They will also waste time and effort with unnecessary feedback campaigns. Businesses can analyze the feedback. And instead of taking it as the only factor, they can consider it one of the aspects of making changes.


An important part of the customer experience is keeping them happy. If there are many processes, then they will quickly lose interest. They will get frustrated if there are too many questions or reviews. This could also affect their feedback. Businesses can try to keep the feedback to essentials. And make it as easy and fast as possible for the customers.


Companies can avoid these disadvantages with the proper implementation of CMS. It will also boost business growth and consumer satisfaction.

Who Uses Customer Feedback Management Systems?

Businesses of all sizes are using the customer feedback management system. It helps them understand their users’ POV. Many small-scale and large-scale businesses are using CFMS for business development. They are using it to expand their user base with testimonials and make product changes. Many known businesses, like Microsoft, Facebook, Lyft, Airbnb, etc., are using feedback tools.

How much Will a Customer Feedback Tool Cost Me?

The cost for a CFMS can vary as per your requirements. The cost depends on many factors like expertise, features provided, flexibility, scalability, etc.

So, how much a management system can cost really varies as per you. You can decide on a budget for the tool and find the best customer feedback tool  that suits your needs. If you are just starting your journey, you could choose something more simple and less costly. And once your business has grown, you can think of choosing something more advanced. But, if you have a proper budget, you can go for more features.


Feedback is crucial for any business to understand what their users want and don’t want. It helps in aligning the business as per the users’ requirements. It also helps in understanding whether the company is working in the right direction or not. Asking for the customer’s opinion makes them feel heard and helps in boosting loyalty. Businesses can use it to correct their course of action. They can also use it before making important decisions. But, collecting data from all channels and analyzing it can become tedious. That is where a user feedback management system comes in. It collects real-time data from all channels to improve product quality. There are many CFMS out there that can help your business grow. You can choose the one that fits your price range and requirements. Handling customer feedback has never been this easy!

Frequently Asked Questions

Feedspace is a tool designed for product managers, aimed at transforming and redefining product management throughout the entire process.

There are many ways to collect customer feedback, it can be in the form of polls, surveys, videos, or ratings. You can use a feedback management tool to collect all this information in one place so that you can analyze it.

The main aim of a customer feedback system is to bring the feedback full circle. The objective is to collect feedback, analyze it, and then take action, which can be difficult without a CFMS.

It depends on the reason for which you’re taking feedback. Simple binary feedback conveys the exact feelings of the consumer. While video feedback can be impactful as a testimonial for potential customers.

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