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Tiffani's Journey with Feedspace:

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Tiffani, a former web designer at NASA, embarked on a remarkable journey to South Korea to teach English. Her innovative approach to education has not only impacted millions who want to learn English for speaking but has also been significantly enhanced by her strategic use of Feedspace.

The Challenges of a Growing Online Presence

As Tiffani's YouTube channel, Speak English with Tiffani, grew to over 3 million subscribers, she faced several significant challenges:

  • Disorganized Reviews: Collecting and organizing reviews from multiple platforms like Facebook was time-consuming and inefficient.
  • Limited Student Interaction: Engaging with students learning to speak English through video and audio submissions on YouTube was cumbersome and lacked personalization.
  • Showcasing Student Testimonials: Displaying student testimonials and positive feedback on her website in an organized and appealing manner was challenging.
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Finding the Perfect Solution: Feedspace

Tiffani discovered Feedspace while searching for ways to enhance her interaction with students and streamline her feedback management. Feedspace provided innovative solutions to her challenges:

Importing Social Feeds for Organized Reviews

Challenge: Disorganized Reviews

Solution: With Feedspace's Import Social Feeds feature, Tiffani seamlessly imported reviews from Facebook into Feedspace. This streamlined process saved her time and ensured that all reviews were organized and easily accessible, enhancing her ability to manage feedback effectively.

Enhancing Student Engagement with Audio Feeds

Challenge: Limited Student Interaction

Solution: Engaging with her students on a personal level has always been a priority for Tiffani. Initially, she asked for video and audio submissions through her students learning to speak English but managing these inputs was cumbersome. Feedspace’s Audio Feed feature transformed this process. By sharing an Audio Feed form link, Tiffani could efficiently gather audio questions from her students. This streamlined approach made it easier for students to participate and for Tiffani to manage their queries.

Additionally, Tiffani can better gauge the personality and English proficiency of her students. This allows her to tailor her teaching methods to meet their individual needs more effectively.

Gathering Student Testimonials

Challenge: Limited Student Interaction

Solution: Feedspace enabled Tiffani to gather text, audio, and video testimonials from her students by simply sharing a feed form link. This made it easy for students to provide their feedback in various formats, and for Tiffani to capture and organize these testimonials efficiently. This new method significantly improved the personalization and depth of her student interactions.

Student testimonials

Creating a Wall of Love

Challenge: Showcasing Positive Feedback

Solution: Tiffani used Feedspace to create a Wall of Love. This feature allowed her to compile all the collected reviews and testimonials into a visually appealing and heartfelt display. The Wall of Love, embedded on her website, became a vibrant mosaic of gratitude and appreciation from her students.

As students' voices filled the Wall of Love, it transformed into a testament to the bonds she had created and the lives she had touched. Each testimonial was a story of transformation, reflecting the joy, gratitude, and progress of her students. Visitors to her website could feel the warmth and sincerity of the feedback, seeing firsthand the positive impact of Tiffani's teaching. The Wall of Love was more than just a collection of reviews—it was a celebration of community, connection, and the profound effect of learning.

The Impact of Feedspace.io

Building a Stronger Community

Feedspace helped Tiffani foster a stronger sense of community among her students. By addressing their audio questions in her podcasts, she created a more interactive and engaging learning environment. Students felt more connected and valued, which significantly boosted their engagement and learning experience. Within just a few days, she received over 30 audio feeds from students worldwide, reflecting her broad reach and the high level of engagement in her audience.

Continual Improvement

The insights gained from reviews, testimonials, and audio feeds provided Tiffani with valuable data to continually refine and improve her teaching methods. This feedback loop ensured that she remained responsive to her students' needs and maintained the high quality of her educational content.


Tiffani’s experience with Feedspace highlights how innovative tools can transform educational engagement and management. By leveraging Feedspace, she overcame communication barriers, enhanced student interaction, and built a supportive and interactive learning community. This case study underscores how a simple thing like organized feedback can revolutionize your business, and Feedspace makes it happen seamlessly.

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