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Collect Audio, Video, Text, & More With Just One All-In-One-Feed Form

All-in-one form

Feedspace brings out one of the biggest and most-asked-for updates yet. The All-In-One Feed Form. Now, users can collect any and multiple types of responses at once. It’s time to introduce you to the All-In-One form.

What to expect with the All-In-One Feed Form?

We bring this new form to provide our users with the maximum opportunity to customize their experience with Feedspace. And with that in mind, here is what you can do with the All-In-One Feed form.

Select the type of data to collect

We combine the different types of forms and ways to gather data on Feedspace:

  1. Collect Audio recordings
  2. Collect Video and screen recording
  3. Collect Text feeds including the option between thumbs up/down reviews and star ratings
  4. Upload any file

You can choose any and all of the above four options while collecting data in one form. Everyone you share the form with will see the options you select. Even in the upload file section, you can select which files they can upload from images, videos, and audio,

Collect extra information

Choose which additional information you want to collect from your audience. We provide the following options:

  1. Collect the photo of the person recording along with the response
  2. Collect the name
  3. Collect email address
  4. Any other text information you want

Customize background color

You can change how the form looks to the people you share it with. Add the hex code for the background color you want to align the form with your vision.

Display the shareable link and redirect

Previously, Feedspace users could only display a ‘Thank You’ message to their audience who recorded a feed. But, you have two choices now. First, you display a message with the shareable link to your audience’s response.

Second, you redirect your audience to a URL of your choice. In this option, a Thank You message will appear for 3 seconds, after which the audience will be redirected to a URL you add. In future updates, you can also distribute incentives after capturing responses. ​

Now that we have seen what the new feature does, we have three choices for you to move ahead.

1. Get the first-hand experience right away

2. Connect with our team to discuss your concerns and thoughts

Stay tuned for new updates!

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