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Enhance User Testimonials with Audio Feed

Audio format

We bring you the next revolution in user feedback – Audio Testimonials. With testimonials, businesses have two main concerns. First, getting genuine reviews that will bring a larger customer base. And second, maintaining user comfort while getting feedback.

That’s why Feedspace brings a new feature Audio Feed. Here’s how businesses can benefit from it.

Comfortable and Genuine Feedback

We understand that everybody is not comfortable in front of the camera. But it should not stop you from capturing the voice of customers. You can ask them to record only their voices.

Privacy and Security

Due to privacy concerns, people hesitate to be on videos. They fear the misuse of their content. Hence, this lowers the number of people willing to record a video review. But there is an authentic alternative. Instead of video, we can ask our users and clients to record the audio. And this way, we have a solution for their security issues. Moreover, it increases the number of authentic reviews.

Strategic Marketing and Development

The Audio Feed feature lets you collect open-ended voice notes with a single click or a QR code. These responses provide valuable insights for marketing and product development. Furthermore, audio feedback will also help you refine your roadmap.

Authentic Branding

Branding is not only about creating the best brand content. Today people crave authenticity and a human touch. And, audio testimonials help the audience connect with real users or clients.

In addition, the different voices of users show that the reviews are genuine. Besides, consumers bragging about you is always better than doing it yourself 🙂

Building Lasting Relationships

Continuous communication is key to building lasting relationships. You can maintain a personal connection with your audience through regular audio feedback. Furthermore, it fosters trust and loyalty.

Effective marketing

User-generated content like audio testimonials is a valuable marketing asset. Sharing these reviews on social media engages a large audience. Furthermore, it increases conversions.

You can share audio recordings with a link or by clicking on icons of popular social channels. But, is there a way to increase the impact of these reviews? Yes, why don’t you share them together?

Showcase a collection of your customers’ voices in a single post or screen with a Wall of Love. And, share this wall on your website, social media, etc.

Moreover, you can combine audio testimonials with other reviews like video and text on a Wall of Love.

You can create multiple Walls of Love. So, you can have Walls of Love with reviews relevant to specific marketing campaigns.

But, enough reading what audio testimonials can do for you. It is time to experience it first-hand.
Check it out here.

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