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Unlock Unlimited Possibilities with
Feedspace’s Video Feed Feature

We are introducing the new video feed feature. Now you can expand your business and simplify your operations with our easy-to-use features from our feedback platform.

Now, what can you do with the video feed feature?

  • On mobile browser: you can opt for video recording.
  • On your desktop: you can opt for video recording as well as screen recording.

What is a video feed?

A video feed is a collection of video and screen recordings. This video feed can be used for multiple purposes. From a business point of view, it could be reviews, testimonials, referrals, interview questions, and so on.
Now that we are clear on what video feed actually is, let us see how businesses can use it to boost their business.

What is a video feed?

There are as many use cases as you can think about. Here are some ways in which you can use video feed:

Feedback collection:

Businesses can collect video feedback from their customers and receive more open-ended feedback. This type of feedback can provide some excellent insights based on visual cues. Moreover, video feedback instills more confidence in the audience about the business.

Personal growth:

Individuals can use Feedspace’s video feed feature to collect referrals and recommendations from their colleagues and managers. It will act as a vote of confidence and instill trust in the individual’s skills and talents.

Interview process:

Companies can automate the hiring process and eventually reduce the time taken to recruit professionals. Recruiters can ask applicants to record their responses via the video feed feature and watch it at their convenience.

E-commerce stores:

Businesses can add videos submitted by their users while using the product. This will give potential buyers an idea about how the product works, and will also make the store trustworthy for newcomers.

These are just a few of the many ways in which one can use this feature. This feature is basically going to be a one-stop solution for all your video requirements.

How much will it cost to use the video feed feature?

Well, there are two choices. The Starter plan is free forever and users can collect videos of up to 3-minute duration and view 6 videos. However, they can record an unlimited number of videos. And in the Professional plan, users can view and collect unlimited videos of up to 5-minute duration. This plan will cost $29 per month.

Now, Feedspace is a complete package that can support all feedback requirements like text feedback, video feedback, micro feedback, etc., but that is not all! You can use these text and video feeds for other purposes as well as those mentioned above. The possibilities are endless!