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Import Reviews from Different
Social Channels

Get your feedback & testimonials etc. from various social platforms in one space

Stop jumping between platforms to find your reviews

Get data from all platforms in one place & make data-sharing easy

Easy to operate

Fetch data from various social platforms’ APIs and gather everything in one space

Create your collection

Make your own space to collect text, video, and audio responses from various social channels

Effortless management

Organize and manage all your feeds with ease on Feedspace’s real-time dashboard

Stress-free promotion

Create impact on your audience, display your collection of reviews on social media, Wall of Love, website, etc

No Credit Card Required

How can you benefit from Social Feeds?

Make impactful portfolios

Create an impactful portfolio by adding reviews from LinkedIn, Google, Trustpilot, etc.

Build an engaging website

Be it reviews from Google or videos from Vimeo, get them all on your website

Create social media bookmarks

Never loose anything you found interesting on social media ever again

Enhance social media

Collect all reviews, mentions, and testimonials your users have given you from various social channels and promote them on all platforms

social feed testimonials
social feed make impactful

Build social proof to increase conversions with the

Wall of Love ❤️

Get visitors from your socials & website to sign up with a collection of your best testimonials

Frequently Asked Questions

Feedspace’s Social Media Feed feature allows you to create a dynamic and engaging “Wall of Love” on your website. By embedding the collected content, such as testimonials and reviews, you can showcase social proof and build trust with your website visitors.

You can collect various types of content, including text posts, videos, and audio responses, from different social media platforms using Feedspace’s Social Media Feed feature. This allows you to have a comprehensive collection of user-generated content and feedback from across your social channels.

Feedspace’s real-time dashboard provides you with a centralized and organized view of all your social media feeds. You can easily access, organize, and manage the collected content in one place, allowing for efficient monitoring.

Yes, with Feedspace’s Social Media Feed feature, you can easily share the collected content on various social media platforms. That means you can collect information from any social channel and share it on other channels with ease. It will help you in establishing your online presence and increase engagement.

Yes, you can easily use the Social Media Feed feature on mobile or any other device.

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