Grow your company with Feedspace’s
Text Feed Feature

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Create a Project

Now you can create as many projects as you want with our customer feedback platform. Follow the below steps:

  • Add a name to the Project
  • Create a Modal
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Add a Name to the Modal

Choose any suitable name for the modal

  • This name will not be displayed to the customer
  • You can check the live preview on the right with this design feedback tool
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Pop-up Modal Customization

Use one of the best customer satisfaction survey tools to customize every pop-up

  • Add the Modal title & the question you want to ask as feedback
  • With this customer feedback tool, you can ask for additional comments and add a placeholder for the same
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Collect text feed in multiple ways

Now you can collect text feed from users on various platforms

  • Embed text feed within your website
  • Share the link with your network to collect text responses
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