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An influencer testimonial is a positive review of a product or service written by a social media influencer. Influencer testimonials can be used to increase brand awareness, boost sales, and build trust with potential customers.

You can capture client testimonials by asking for them directly, either via email or in person. You can easily embed Feedspace in your website to get testimonials easily or attach the link to your socials.

There are multiple ways you can present testimonials on your social media.

  1. Post screenshots of testimonials on your feed.
  2. Create testimonials highlight reel on Instagram.
  3. You can share the link to Feedspace under your profile for people to see the public testimonials.

Even the best format for a testimonial will vary depending on the product/ service and influencer. This can be a great common format:

  1. Quotes- Simplest format. This consists of a short quote from a customer about your service. Easy to understand and can be used in a variety of marketing materials.
  2. Testimonial videos - This format is more visually appealing than quotes. It can be a great way to tell a story about your product or service.
  3. Case studies- More detailed than quotes and testimonial videos, they can provide an in-depth look at your service and product.

There are a number of tools that can be helpful for influencers, here's the list of the most important ones.

  • A social media management tool like Hootsuite, Buffer, and Later.
  • A content creation tool like Canva, Adobe Spart, and InShot.
  • An analytics tool like Google Analytics, Social Blase, and Crowdfire.
  • A Collaboration tool like Trello and Asana.
  • A CRM tool like HubSpot, Salesforce, and more.
  • A media kit
  • An all-in-one testimonial tool to build authority like Feedspace.