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Pitch Your Best Foot Forward - Become The Master of Elevator Pitches

Fuel your business dream by getting investors on board using Feedspace for your elevator pitches.
Elevator Pitches

What does Feedspace have for you?

Upto 5-minute recording time

Get elevator pitch videos

Videos of up to 5 minutes giving you enough time to pack
a punch with your business idea.

Record screens

With Feedspace’s screen recording feature, you can amp
up your short pitch with visual aids.

Get better with Feedback

Become better with every pitch by collecting and keeping
track of every feedback you receive about your business.

Don’t let empty pockets get in the way of your dreams

Make the most out of your pitch videos to gain investors with Feedspace.

Get feedback on the business idea

Multiple pitch videos

Don’t leave anything to chance. Try out different pitches,
get feedback, and use the best one to attract investors.

Collect invaluable business insights

Investors can be a wealth of information for your
business. Make sure you’ve collected it all with text
and video feed features.

Share with your friends

Run your pitches through your confidantes to send the
best versions to potential investors.

Make it easy for investors

Make it easy for investors to view your pitch and send
feedback with just a couple of clicks.

Blend Feedspace in your business journey seamlessly

Get feedback on
the business idea

Use a pitch video
to acquire funds

Organic growth
by utilizing UGC

Make user-centric
product with feedback

Share video
updates with investors

Share testimonials
get more users

Frequently Asked Questions

An elevator pitch is a concise and persuasive speech or presentation, designed to spark interest in a person, idea, product, or project.

A good elevator pitch should succinctly introduce yourself or your idea, highlight its unique value or proposition, and generate curiosity or interest in the listener. A video elevator pitch can spark interest and set you apart from the rest. 

A basic elevator pitch usually includes the following details. Your name and a brief personal or professional background. A clear and compelling statement of what you offer or your idea’s benefits. A request or suggestion for the next steps, such as a follow-up meeting or more information.

In a 3-minute elevator pitch, you can provide more details about your background and the idea’s context, delve deeper into the value proposition, and include a few key supporting points or examples. You can record a 3-minute video elevator pitch with Feedspace to make sharing and managing videos easier. 

In a 5-minute elevator pitch, you have even more time to elaborate on your background, provide additional supporting evidence, discuss potential challenges and solutions, and engage in a more in-depth conversation with your audience. With Feedspace’s upgraded plans, you can collect a 5-minute pitch and share it quite easily with the investors. 

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