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If You’re A Non-Profit Organization, Use Feedspace For Free!

Don’t let your efforts for non-profit charities go underappreciated and unknown-
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Many good non-profit organizations do not receive the support and reach they need

So, we would like to do our part by providing you access to Feedspace for free. We can help you
in collecting constructive feedback, spread awareness, and further your cause

How you can use Feedspace

With Feedspace you can collect and share text and video feeds. Furthermore, we make the
entire process quick and easy for you.

Now, you can utilize it in the following ways.

  • Feedback for NGOs is a good way to understand what you can do more in their community. You can also collect suggestions from people donating to the NGOs to build trust.
  • Moreover, with feedback loops you can keep track of the problem areas and how you are working on them.
  • You can document your journeys for specific projects so that you can let your network know all the difference you are making.
  • If your charity has reviews from the community it makes more people confident in working with you or helping you
  • You can collect video testimonials from the people you have worked with and share them on social media to spread awareness.
Share the link to collect testimonials

All these ways can increase the help you receive from the community and spread
the word about your work

Here’s what non-profit charities can do to start using our product.


Sign up on Feedspace with your non-profit organization’s email address


Your account will be automatically upgraded for free giving you access to all our features and tools!

Note: If in case you do not have a non-profit organization’s email address, contact us at [email protected] and we will do the rest after verification!

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