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Feedspace gives you the ultimate platform to conduct online competitions by providing a space for video applications, reviews, etc.​

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Feedspace’s text and video feed features and real-time dashboard, open up a
world of possibilities to conduct contests virtually.
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A video submission platform

Contestants can send in their video applications showcasing their work with Feedspace’s Video Feed feature.

Easy Sharing

Organizers can share videos of contestants among themselves by simply sharing a link for easy evaluation.

Effective marketing

Increase reach and engagement on social media, by sharing snippets of the competition with just a few clicks.

Simple management

Make it easy to keep track of all the entries on the easy-to-handle dashboard.

Feedspace's role in: TechUp Labs’
Techathon 2023

Being a remote company, TechUp Labs decided to conduct a hackathon to test
AI ML skills. The competition was to be conducted online, and that’s where
Feedspace came in.

Here’s how Feedspace became a part of
the competition:


TechUp Labs wanted to collect video applications from the contestants that showcased their work and journey. Feedspace set up a fast-track sign-up option for the duration of the competition for fast submissions.


The judge’s panel had easy communication over individual submissions by simply sharing the link to the applicant’s video response.


Now, TechUp Labs has plenty of video content showcasing their competition which they can use to market themselves on social media. Not only that, but they can also embed these videos on their website to enhance it.

Want to make your online event
the talk of the town?

Just sign-up to Feedspace and utilize it to elevate your competition. In case of
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