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How to collect video testimonials?

Keep it short and easy for your users to increase testimonials

Create a form

Share this form with your users to receive videos

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Your users can simply click on the record button to share their views

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Mark your favorites to make sharing on social media and Wall of Love easy

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Share your testimonials on website, social media, Wall of Love, etc.

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Get for testimonials- use for everything

Video testimonials

Create a personal connection with your audience to grow

Video feedback and reviews

Get subjective answers, observe behavioral cues, gain additional insights

Product management

Record tutorials, product updates, onboarding videos, team feedback, etc.

One-way interviews & video CVs

Reduce hiring costs. Stand apart with video CVs

explore video testimonials

Build social proof to increase conversions with the

Wall of Love ❤️

Get visitors from your socials & website to sign up with a collection of your best testimonials

Frequently Asked Questions

There are many benefits of using Video Feed. Some of which include increased credibility, build trust and generate authenticity.

Simply sign up and customize your video feed text and a link will be generated which you can share among your networks to capture video testimonials.

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