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VideoAsk alternative

Feedspace Vs. VideoAsk

Looking for an alternative to VideoAsk? Feedspace offers more tools, extra features, and highly customizable plans at affordable fees. We're not just an alternative; we're the better solution.

Video testimonial alternative
Videoask logo


Spend More

VideoAsk offers fewer options at a higher effective monthly cost.

$30 /monthly

Costs over 3x more to use

Feedspace logo

VideoAsk alternative

Save More

Feedspace offers tools, features, and support like no one else.

$8.25 /monthly

One price, no hidden charges

What’s Included

Packed with Features

Convert potential leads into paid users with Feedspace ⚡

Loaded with multiple features and tools to help you attract, convert, and retain your customers.


One Team, One Platform

Whether your team is small or large, our shared inboxes feature ensure everyone is on the same page at all times.

Customer-first approach

Customer First Approach

Address concerns, solve issues, and seal deals in real-time. If no one is around, customers are redirected to an email with no disruption.

Tool library

Extensive Tool Library

Get access to over 100+ tools and integrate them into your workflow giving you the option to tailor Feedspace to your needs and maintain familiarity.


The Feedspace Advantage

Check out the table below to see how our features compare to those of VideoAsk

Feature Feedspace VideoAsk
Text Feedback checklist logo No Logo one
Video Testimonials yes logo two yes logo three
Audio Testimonials yes logo three yes logo three
Wall Of Love yes logo four No Logo one
Import All Existing Social Feeds yes logo six No Logo one
Integrate With Other Platforms yes logo eight yes logo nine
Generate QR Codes yes logo ten no logo two
Customizable Templates yes logo eleven no logo three
1:1 Support yes logo twelve no logo five
One-click CEO Connect yes logo thirteen no logo six
Easy Bug Reporting yes logo fourteen no logo seven
Free Starter Pack yes logo fifteen No Logo one
Highly Customizable Plans yes logo fifteen No Logo one
Cross-platform integration

easy Integration

Seamless integration
with your favorite tools

Feedspace is ready to use from the get-go, integrating seamlessly with tools you're already familiar with.

Trusted by organizations, teams, & freelancers all over the world.

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