10 Best Video Testimonial Examples
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10 Best Video Testimonial Examples

Video Testimonials examples

What is a testimonial example?
A video testimonial is a video record of a consumer's satisfaction with a product or service. These testimonials are powerful social proofs that speak to a business's authenticity. Here is an example of a testimonial.


What is a constant question you have as a business owner? One of the most popular answers here is, ‘How to grow?’. Now this question leads to other questions like ‘how to make the business trustworthy’, ‘how to build brand credibility’, and so on. All answers lead to one answer- video testimonials.

Businesses have to show that they can provide value to get more customers. And, that is a job for video testimonials. Users are the best brand ambassadors. That’s why it is important that businesses share what their users have to say. And that means creating and sharing video testimonials.

But before making video testimonials, let us see how others are creating effective content. Here are 10 best video testimonial examples you need to see before creating your own.

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What is a video testimonial?

A video testimonial is a client’s video account of their experience with a business that expresses satisfaction, approval, or endorsement. It is a video recommendation from a user based on their positive experience with a business.

  • Consumers today have a bunch of businesses to choose from that offer the same service. So, trust becomes a huge factor to filter out the herd. They want to engage with credible and trustworthy businesses.
  • On the upside, 46% of consumers have purchased more from a trusted business while 28% have paid a premium fee. On the downside, 4 out of 10 customers have stopped purchasing from a business due to a lack of trust.
  • Therefore, for any business, building trust and brand credibility becomes a top priority.
  • 77% of customers who have watched a video testimonial say that it was a factor in convincing them to buy.
  • So, you have to figure out how to get and promote good video testimonials to build a credible business.
Why Video Testimonials

Why video testimonials and not text testimonials?

Consumers prefer video testimonials over text testimonials because they create more impact. To elaborate more on how they create more impact, read below.


  • The biggest issue with text testimonials today is authenticity. There are millions of fake text reviews floating on the internet today. These reviews are either written by bots, or fake customers or are sponsored by the business.
  • On the other hand, people can see and hear a person in front of them sharing their experience. It builds a sense of trust in the audience. Plus, they are more confident to interact with the brand.


  • Most people choose to watch videos instead of reading long, droning texts.
  • Videos are more appealing and capture the audience’s attention better than written content.
  • Videos help people understand and visualize a business better with the video content created by consumers.


  • Text reviews lack the impact a video testimonial can create. Therefore, videos bring in more conversions as compared to text reviews.
  • Replacing text reviews with video testimonials can increase conversions by up to 80%.


  • When so many businesses are doing the same things, people want to find something they can relate to.
  • People can resonate better with your business if they see consumers with the same pain points talking about how you helped them.

The impact of text reviews decreases day by day with the increasing need for trustworthiness and brand credibility. Therefore, we have to learn more about video testimonials and incorporate them into marketing strategies. Now, let’s see successful video testimonial examples to understand what makes them impactful.

10 video testimonial examples

1. OpenAI’s testimonial for Salesforce and Slack

Who doesn’t know OpenAI today? The infamous ChatGPT wave was brought to us by OpenAI. In this video testimonial example, we can see how the team at OpenAI has benefitted from using Slack and Salesforce. The video clearly mentions how these two tools benefit the team on a day-to-day basis. The high-quality video and sound are an added bonus.

2. Testimonial for FreshBooks

FreshBooks is an accounting software that helps with invoicing, accounting, payments, etc. This testimonial from Sarah highlights her struggles as a sole proprietor and how FreshBooks helped. That makes it relatable for people running small businesses, freelancers, etc. aka their target audience.

3. Investorean’s testimonial for Feedspace

Of course, we want to talk about this testimonial Yuri Drabik from Investorean has recorded for us. We want our audience to know the authentic views of our users. This way, they can make better-informed decisions. Hence, we showcase the real videos our users recorded for us themselves. (And yes, that too on our own platform!)

4. Testimonial for the Nooro Foot Massager

We mentioned before that video testimonials can help better visualize a product and how it is useful. This testimonial for the Nooro Foot Massager does just that. Here, we can see how customers are using it. This helps the audience visualize the product and its use case better.

5. Testimonials for the Boyle Team

This is one of the testimonial examples that showcases the importance of personalization and excellent customer service. The clients could mention the members of the Boyle Team by their names while sharing their experiences. This shows potential customers that they can trust this team to provide a good experience while buying and selling houses.

6. HubSpot’s testimonial for Testimonial Hero

This video recorded by Rob Dawson for Testimonial Hero is a glowing recommendation. Right from the start of the video, Rob has explained why HubSpot chose Testimonial Hero as their go-to software for testimonials. He shares multiple reasons for choosing this tool, making a strong case for Testimonial Hero.

7. Pablo’s Testimonial for Codecademy

People find stories engaging. And this testimonial for Codecademy brings in an element of compelling storytelling. It keeps that audience engaged. In Codecademy’s testimonials, people share their before and after stories, which keeps that audience engrossed.

8. RAAHO’s testimonial for Zoho Analytics

This testimonial example depicts how the audience can better understand a product with the help of testimonial videos. RAAHO’s account mentions what goal they had and exactly how Zoho Analytics was able to help them achieve it. Such testimonials help users understand the actual impact of a product or service on fulfilling business goals.

9. Avison Young’s testimonial for HubSpot

Numbers grab attention quickly. Here, Mike Hart of Avison Young quantifies the results of using HubSpot. This shows the direct impact HubSpot had. Such video testimonials are highly effective as they have no fluff, just straight to the results. They make convincing the audience about any product easier. What's more? They have added this testimonial to a case study. It makes the content more credible and grabs the audience's attention to the story.

10. Liftech’s testimonial for Marketing 360

This is a powerful testimonial example for several reasons. First, Liftech’s story is relatable to any early-stage founder. Next, it shows how the founder hesitated to work with Marketing 360, which is very relatable again. And then when he shares the results, 6 to &X ROI, it is compelling for the audience. The video also shows that the company builds a relationship with its clients as the Liftech founder felt it worthwhile to mention.

How to get successful video testimonials?

We have seen some amazing video testimonial examples. These videos are a powerful asset for increasing brand credibility. Moreover, this type of video content also boosts conversions for marketing campaigns. Here’s how we can get such impactful video testimonials.

  • One of the biggest challenges with video testimonials is collecting them.
  • Without streamlined processes, it is difficult for both users and the business. For users, it becomes a huge task to record all by themselves without any direction. Businesses have to explain everything to each user, provide proper instructions for recording, etc.
  • But that’s where platforms like Feedspace come into place. Feedspace has forms that help you collect videos and screen recordings. You can add your instructions, questions you want customers to answer, and more in the main message that users can see. All users have to do is click on the record button to shoot the video. Once they have submitted the video, you will automatically receive it.
  • That’s not all, you can just share the link of the video or embed it on your website within seconds.

Final words

Video testimonials are essential for businesses today. They are also one of the marketing strategies with the highest ROI. So, businesses should not miss out on the benefits of video testimonials due to the lack of proper tools. If you want a companion in your journey of mastering video testimonials, you can always book a demo with us!

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