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Best Strategies to Utilize Reviews

Reviews from different platforms
Reviews from different platforms

Almost everyone knows the importance of reviews today and is collecting them. But, not everyone knows what to do with them. So, that is what we’ll explore today. Let’s find out what to do with the customer opinions we have.

What are reviews?

Reviews are the opinions of customers about a product or service. These opinions generally express the positive or negative incidents customers have regarding product quality, customer experience, features, etc.

95% of How users read customer opinions online before making a purchase. That shows that reviews help people navigate new businesses. It helps potential users analyze the pros and cons based on past customer interactions.

Add reviews on the website

How do you use reviews?

Showcasing user ratings on different platforms builds online reputation, increases customer trust, and boosts sales.


People visit your website to learn more about you. They want genuine and honest information about your business. The homepage introduces you to visitors. And who better to tell them about you than your customers?

Customer opinions on the homepage instill confidence in visitors about your business. In addition, it highlights what actual customers are experiencing. It creates a personal connection with the audience.

Creating a Wall of Love will let you display a collection of feedback. You can also add feedback from different platforms together in one frame. This way, your visitors can get a clear picture and familiarize them with your business.

Case studies

A case study is a way for businesses to display their different sides. It can help you explain the exact value you provide. But without credibility, all the customer stories we share are empty words. Adding a review brings authenticity to case studies. It will help the audience understand the case study from your as well as the customer’s end.

Social channels

Our target audience is on social media. We have an opportunity to connect with them here. Instead of us approaching them, we can post content useful to them so that they would want to connect with us.

Adding your customer’s experience, the value you provide, etc. will create an unforgettable impression. And, the next time they need a product or service like yours, they will not have to look further than you.


A portfolio where we present our work is an apt place to add proof. Our user ratings are social proof that fosters trust. It will help potential users make faster decisions with more data in hand.

Tips to make reviews more effective

Attention to fine details goes a long way in driving more conversions and sales. So, here are some ways in which we can upgrade our game.

Best places to showcase your reviews

Add recent reviews

71% of consumers look at the dates when reviews are posted. This impacts their buying decision. Having no current ratings can make people think the business may not be thriving as much. Furthermore, if there is no positive recent feedback, it can propagate that the quality of the business has gone downhill recently.

Don’t ignore negative comments

Did you know that 3/4th of businesses ignore negative customer responses? Negative comments are inevitable. But, how a business responds to unpleasant comments impacts a customer’s buying decision. 45% of customers say they would want to visit a business if they were responding to negative comments. In fact, people are suspicious if a business has only positive feedback fearing they are fake.

Collect different types of feedback

Only text reviews lack emotion and authenticity. Motivating people only with written comments is difficult. However, we can achieve it by adding other types of feedback like video and audio. These types bring more personalization and increase connection with the audience.

Final words

By showcasing user ratings on different platforms, we can attract more audiences and drive conversions. Focusing on finer details helps us get maximum performance from our strategies. The main challenge is getting the first few feedbacks. However, once we collect those we can start applying these strategies. Moreover, customer opinions bring in more customers which leads to more reviews, and so on. Have you started yet?

Prajakta Managuli
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Prajakta Managuli is a Content Writer at Feedspace. What started as a love for fictional books in childhood, became a passion for helping businesses achieve their goals with words.

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