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What is a Testimonial?

testimonials meaning
testimonials meaning

Everybody faces the big question at some point, “how do you get more clients/customers?” We are at a point today where people seek genuineness and authenticity above all. And we need to bring them what they want— with testimonials. People can know what a business truly is only from its existing customers.

And so, today we will explore testimonials and check out how we can grow our business with it.

What are reviews?

A testimonial is a written or spoken record of a user’s or client’s positive experience with a business. It is a vote of confidence for a product or service. Testimonials are marketing assets as they highlight credibility and trustworthiness. You can display this social proof on your website, social media channels, and more to get more customers or clients.

Types of testimonials

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There are three types of testimonials; text, video, and audio. So, let us discuss their pros and cons here.

Text testimonials

Text testimonials are easiest to get as they require less effort. You can get multiple reviews in a shorter amount of time. However, 82% of the consumers have read a fake review in 2023. More than half the customers won’t purchase from a business if they suspect fake reviews highlighting their untrustworthiness. This encourages businesses to look for more effective options.

Video testimonials are a big ask from our users and they can become time-consuming for both parties. But, testimonial software tools can help us tackle issues like time, storage, organization, etc.

Video testimonials

77% of people are likely to make a purchase after watching a video testimonial. This type of testimonial is trustworthy as the audience can see the actual person talking. They combine emotional connection, relatability, and authenticity. This makes them impactful when it comes to acquiring new clients/customers or spreading awareness about your venture.

Audio testimonials

Although a new concept, audio testimonials are slowly gaining popularity. They are more credible than text reviews and create a personal connection with the audience. Moreover, many people are camera shy and hesitant to be on camera. We can avoid this issue altogether with an audio testimonial. It also takes our users less time and energy to record an audio testimonial. Increasing the chances of getting more testimonials.

Business without testimonials

Tips to grow your business with testimonials

Knowing what a testimonial is was not the hard part. The main concern is execution. How to go about making testimonials an asset with high ROI?

Pop the question at the right time

A person new to our business is not going to give us a testimonial. Even if they do, they haven’t experienced the product or service enough to give a testimonial with actual results. Let them get value out of your business first. After that, they will have an honest and genuine opinion to share about your business.

Provide pointers or questions

One of the reasons our users take time to record a testimonial is being stuck at the ‘what to say’ question. We can make it easy for them to provide questions or pointers they can use to record their testimonial. This way, they won’t have to spend too much time thinking and quickly recollect experiences related to these prompts.

It is also beneficial for us as we can get testimonials that mention actual benefits and tangible results of your business. This type of testimonial is also compelling for the potential audience as they know exactly what to expect from you.

Promote, promote, promote

A testimonial is an effective tool that is capable of bringing customers and clients to you. But even a tool like this is useless if we don’t use it well.

  • Share the testimonial on social media. Share it on various platforms, groups, discussions, threads, and anywhere relevant to your business.
  • Share it on your website. Don’t brag about yourself, let your loyal users do that for you.
  • Share a bunch of testimonials together on a Wall of Love to maximize the effect.
  • Create case studies with testimonials to show the process and proof together.
  • Promote crucial features by showing your users’ trust in it.
  • Use these testimonials to back up your credibility whenever you share information or benefits of your business.

Final Words

Your business needs an authentic personal touch to get more people to want to connect with you. And testimonials bring that to your business. And the way you utilize them will impact how much you can benefit from them. You can also explore different tools to achieve maximum impact without having to dedicate your entire energy to this one growth strategy.

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