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Feedspace is a tool that allows collecting feedback from users on your online platforms like web apps, mobile apps, etc. They can have all the feedback collected and measured in Feedspace. This can help them understand their user's feedback at the product/service level or even at the feature level.

You can go to https://app.feedspace.io/ and sign up to create an account, and simply get started from there.

  • We provide businesses with ample options like,
  • Feedback Modals: Pop-ups that can be integrated under any button or element
  • In-flow Feedback: To get feedback on any specific journey of the user to get insights.
  • Video Feedback: This is our most demanded product where a customer can create a quick experience video without any hassle and a lot more.
  • Assists in making Quality Products and Services
  • Improves Customer Satisfaction
  • Creates the Best User Experience
  • Increases Customer Retention
  • Works as Testimonials for Potential Customers
  • Provides data for Business Decisions
  • Customers Feel Heard

You can reach us at support@feedspace.io or join our slack community for better reach and guidance.

  • Very easy and quick to integrate.
  • Collect all your feedback from different products in one tool
  • Analyze data and view feedback from different sources, and get useful insights by using the Feedspace functionalities.
  • Create feedback survey forms with custom questions for each product/service to the basic level of a process.
  • No need to create a complete feedback module on your project, simply use Feedspace and integrate the feedback form in no time.
  • No need to visit each product/project individually to check user feedback, you'll have all your feedback available in one single click.

There’s a Freemium plan which is lifetime free for base usage. Please check our website for upcoming pricing updates.

Customer feedback is subjective to every Product and Service in the market. To gain a better understanding, we have to analyze the business and introduce a process and then iterate once we start getting feedback. Before asking the right questions, you have to eliminate the wrong ones. What not to ASK in customer feedback will guide you to get a head start.

  • Customer feedback is the information customers give businesses about their product quality and experience.
  • It is the data that helps companies make products and services.
  • You can understand why it is essential to use customer feedback software in this article, What is the need to collect customer feedback?

There are different ways to collect feedback. Check out our masterclass demo video to know more.

A feedback pop-up is best triggered when the user completes a process or purchase in the system. Essentially timing the pop-up when the customer avails the product/service.

Businesses can collect and understand what value is created or issues faced by the customers and the customers can give, record, and share their experience/feedback on the product/service availed by the business. Through this collection of feedback, the business can drive their process to build better products/services for their customers and the customers can actually feel valued and appreciated to be associated with the business.

Customer feedback is the single most valuable resource you can control. You should continually seek it out as a leader in your field and your personal life. Learn how to easily collect and analyze customer feedback so that you can take action on it or improve your product/market fit, this is how Feedspace helps businesses improve customer service

Video Feed FAQs

Video feed are a medium to capture your customer/client’s experiences with a product or service.

Currently, we have two features where one can capture their experiences via video recording as well as screen recording along with audio.

There are many benefits of using Video Feed. Some of which include Increased credibility, build trust and generate authenticity.

Simply sign up and customise your video feed text and a link will be generated which you can share among your networks to capture video testimonials.

Yes, of course! We have both free as well as paid plans. Free plan gives you access to view 6 video feed where as on paid plan it is unlimited viewing. However, there is no limit in capturing video testimonials from your users or customers in both the plans.

Video testimonials can provide a sense of authenticity and transparency, which can help to build a positive image for your brand.

We provide both mediums, video as well as screen recording. If one wants to record the screen and provide the feedback then this feature is also available.

Testimonials should be short and to the point, ideally between 30 seconds to 3 minutes.

Whenever the video feedback is submitted, only the video testimonial is recorded which can be viewed by the user/brand for analysis. No other details are stored which makes Feedspace very user friendly.

No, we do not store any information about the user or a brand.

Whenever a video feedback is submitted, it will reflect under the Video Feed menu where one can view a list of video feedback received.

Video Feedbacks are essentially the testimonials about a product or a service.