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Feedspace is for product managers looking to redefine product management at every step of the way, be it

Tool for the product manager

Make the best use of your skills

Build a Product

Create a user-centric product by giving your users an easy way to provide reviews and share opinions with the text and video feed features.

Build a Team

Make your team self-sufficient by recording tutorials, processes, feedback, and more with the video feed feature.

Build a relation

Keep your stakeholders in the loop by sharing recordings of the progress and future plans with fewer meetings.

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simplified their day with Feedspace

Share feedback with the team for improvement
Keep track of the progress
Record user complaints & suggestions
Clear communication with stakeholders

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How to start?

Be it a small business or a medium business, everyone can use Feedspace! Even e-commerce stores without a website can utilize one of the best review platforms for their e-commerce business

All you have to do is:


Sign-up to Feedspace


Create a modal for text and video feed


Share the link with your customers or embed it in your website

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Share the received responses with your network on social media, your website, emails, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Feedspace is a tool designed for product managers, aimed at transforming and redefining product management throughout the entire process.

Feedspace provides features like text and video feed, allowing users to provide reviews and share opinions, enabling product managers to create a user-centric product.

Feedspace offers a video feed feature where product managers can record tutorials, processes, feedback, and more, helping the team become self-sufficient.

Feedspace enables product managers to keep stakeholders informed by sharing recordings of progress and future plans, reducing the need for frequent meetings.

To schedule a demo of Feedspace, click on the “Schedule a demo” call-to-action (CTA) button.

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