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Audio Feed Tutorial

Create an Audio Feed Form

Create an audio feed form by following these steps:

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Click on the ‘Create New Form’ button and choose the audio feed form option.

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Add Name

Provide a suitable name for the form for easy recognition.

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Add Title

Add the page title that participants will see when recording their audio feeds.

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Customize the main message on the audio feed page as per your needs.

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Edit the names of the audio recording and screen recording buttons for better customization.

Collect Audio Feeds Tutorial

Collect Audio Feeds

Choose from these options to collect audio feeds:

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Magic Link

Copy the link to share it with your network for collecting audio feeds.

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Share the form directly on popular social platforms using their respective icons.

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Scan QR

Obtain the QR code for the audio feed form and share it to collect audio feeds.

Share Audio Feeds Tutorial

Share Audio Feeds

Share the received audio feeds using these steps:

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Select the ‘Share Feed’ option for the audio feed you want to share.

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Copy the link of the audio feed or use the icons of popular social media platforms to share the audio feed.

Integration Instructions: By selecting this option, learn how to embed the Audio Feeds on your website or other platforms to collect feeds.