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Introducing Feedspace: An easy
way to gather and analyze the
customer's thoughts & experiences!

We released the full-fledged public version of Feedbackery. Feedbackery helps customers to easily integrate feedback pop up into their web applications to collect user feedback.

Over the period, we realize the system can be used for many purposes – not just for feedback.

  • Someone from France used Feedbackery link inside the Email to collect user thoughts!
  • Someone from Australia used Feedbackery to collect Feedback via QR Code from shipping boxes!
  • Someone from Malaysia used Feedbackery to get options for drop-downs from their users!
  • Someone from India used Feedbackery to get anonymous critics & praises!
  • Someone from Africa used Feedbackery to get employer’s reviews for his personal website!

It’s clear. Possibilities are infinite. Not just limited to the word ‘Feedback.’

We listened to our users, and to accommodate their more extensive needs, we set the larger vision and introduced ‘Feedspace’, an easy way to gather and analyze the customer’s thoughts & experiences!

Feedspace: A space to get the feed of Text, Video, Audio, Docs, Images etc. be it any content feedback, answer, criticism, praise, testimonial, review, assignments or even interview screening! A 360-degree approach to gathering the Feed of information in one place!The only limitation is imagination.Stay tuned!