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Import Reviews From Google And Product Hunt: Social Feed Live Now!

You’ve got reviews on multiple platforms? That’s great! But, what’s next? Without converting it into revenue for your business, these reviews are wasted potential.

Feedspace’s new feature Social Feed enables businesses to monetize their reviews from different channels with effective management and sharing.

How does Social Feed impact your business?

Gather crucial data

Don’t leave important testimonials just scattered and forgotten over the internet. Bring them to one platform. Here you can sort through reviews from all platforms, and create a collection of impactful reviews to make it easy.

Add to Wall of Love

Add the best reviews and testimonials from across channels to the Wall of Love for maximum impact on the audience. Add this Wall of Love to social media to increase interest among your audience. Convert doubtful website visitors to users with effective social proof like Wall of Love.

Easy data-sharing

Share reviews from different platforms across the internet without hassles. You can share these reviews, just like responses collected using Feedspace can be shared in multiple ways.

Currently, you can import reviews from Google and Product Hunt. But very soon you can gather feedback from Capterra, Trustpilot, etc. on Feedspace. We’ll keep you updated!