Social Feed Tutorial

Social Feed Tutorial

How to Import Feeds?

Import your Feeds to Feedspace with these steps:

no-4.svg (4)

Select the ‘Import Social Feed’ option.

no-4.svg (5)

Choose the platform from where you want to collect your reviews.

no-4.svg (6)

Add the business name or URL as required for your specific platform.

no-4.svg (7)

Click on ‘Get Reviews”.

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Select the reviews you want to import.

no-4.svg (9)

Or click on the ‘Select All’ option if you want to import all reviews.

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Click on the ‘Import Reviews’ button after you have chosen the reviews.

no-4.svg (11)

Now, the reviews you have chosen are available on Feedspace.

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You can add them on Wall of Love (please add a link to the Wall of Tutorial here) or share them on social media {Please add a link to How to Share Feeds tutorial here) with a link or by clicking on icons for popular social media platforms.

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