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How to implement Text Feed?

Simple steps to start collecting user comments in seconds

Create text feed form

Add your question and title for the form

Collect comments

Get responses by sharing the form on social media or your website

Manage comments

Filter your favorite comments by tagging them

Share user opinions

Add what your users are saying on social media and Wall of Love

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Product Growth with Feedspace

Product feedback

Improve your product by keeping users’ opinions in the loop

Customer satisfaction survey

Ask your users what they want to experience

Market research

Know your audience’s thoughts before the big decisions

Internal feedback

Create a culture of constructive feedback to strengthen your team

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Build social proof to increase conversions with the

Wall of Love ❤️

Get visitors from your socials & website to sign up with a collection of your best testimonials

Frequently Asked Questions

Text feeds can help users collect invaluable feedback, reviews, and opinions to create a business more suited to the needs of their target audience.

Feedspace makes it very easy to collect text feeds. You can simply create a form for a specific question you have and then share it on your website, social media, and other channels to collect feeds. Now, there is an option to collect feeds by using a QR code as well!

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